The Fantastic Four Trailer Imagines a World in Which the Avengers Can Be Beaten

The latest franchise to receive das reboot looks great – if a bit self-serious.

The first teaser trailer for

The Fantastic Four

, the reboot of the nineties reboot of the seventies television show that spawned an eighties video game, has hit YouTube with the ferocity of one of the Thing’s stony right hooks. The film looks like, well, a modern superhero movie. The effects are impressive and subtle, the actors (young and good-looking all) seem very serious and the story is of the origin variety. 

Josh Trank, who previously directed


, is clearly cribbing plays from the playbook Nolan wrote for Batman Begins and Joss Whedon refined with

The Avengers

. Does this guarantee a good movie? Entertainment industry rags would like to pretend it doesn’t, but it kind of does. The truth is that The Fantastic Four will succeed because Hollywood knows how to make this kind of movie. Also, Miles Teller,

Kate Mara,

Jamie Bell, and

Michael B. Jordan

are immensely talented. Will there be on-screen chemistry? Sure, and apparently a lot of physics too – the whole thing looks science-driven, which is generally a good sign when it comes to this particular genre.

Expect Mr. Fantastic to have considerable reach. That’s not a teaser; that’s just how this works.