Watch Daniel Radcliffe Play a Farting Corpse in the 'Swiss Army Man' Trailer

That's not the only thing he does.
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By now we've probably all heard about Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe's most recent role as "Farting Corpse" in the Sundance hit Swiss Army Man, which released its first full-length trailer on Monday. 

And the trailer reveals that Radcliffe's character, while indeed dead, provides far more than a laugh gag in this very quirky drama about a suicidal man (Paul Dano) who gets a new lease on life after a dead body washes up on the desert island where he's been stranded. With some inventive 're-animation' techniques, Dano's character makes the best cinematic use of a human cadaver we've seen since Weekend at Bernie's.

Swiss Army Man premieres in theaters on June 17.

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