Fast Food Nightmares

If MSG is the worst thing floating around your takeout tonight, consider yourself lucky.

If MSG is the worst thing floating around your takeout tonight, consider yourself lucky.

It was reported this week that a family from Thiruvananthapuram, India, ventured to a nearby KFC for a delicious meal, only to discover an abundance of worms squirming around their fried chicken–the same chicken, mind you, that they were feeding to their 18-month-old baby and eating themselves. Not surprisingly, the mother notified authorities, and the worm-infested KFC was promptly shuttered. During the subsequent inspection, they found that in addition to less-than-adequate sanitary conditions (at a KFC?! No!), the store had been serving chicken that was up to five months old. Unfortunately, this isn’t even the most horrifying fast-food incident to make the evening news. Here are five more.

1. McDonald’s Chicken Head

When a Virginia woman found a fried chicken head in a box of McDonald’s chicken wings in 2007, it quickly became the McNugget seen around the world. Complete with a beak and eyeballs, there was no mistaking this decapitation for a clipped wing.

2. Subway’s $5 Rusty KnifeFootlong

In 2008, Queens resident John Agnesini went to Subway and ordered a 12-inch “cold cut combo” sub. But after biting into the ham, salami, and bologna sandwich, he found a filthy 7-inch knife wedged between the roll. Naturally, he got food poisoning and sued them for a shit-load of money. You’d think with a slogan like “eat fresh” the knife would have at least been clean.

3. Chocolate Dookie Balls Ice Cream

Back in 2008, an Australian family received free ice cream at a local gelato spot after their night was interrupted by incessant noise from a crowd watching football. Later that evening, the couple became violently ill, which ultimately led to the discovery that those scrumptious little fudge balls actually contained feces. To make matters worse, the culprit remains at large; a DNA test was too inconclusive to link the turds to any one person.

4. Condom Clam Chowder

In 2004, a woman eating at California seafood restaurant McCormick & Schmick’s experienced a not-so-happy ending, after she found a rolled-up condom in her clam chowder. Needless to say, her relationship with both condoms and soup was irrevocably altered.

5. Cannibalism at Arby’s

Earlier this year, a Michigan teen had the privilege of finding a human finger in his roast beef sandwich at Arby’s. Worse, he had already taken a bite when he realized that the meat tasted rubbery–even for Arby’s.

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