‘FBoy Island’ Star CJ Franco on Taming Bad Boys and Finding Nice Guys on HBO Max Reality Series

The rising model/influencer is looking for love—and $100,000—on HBO Max’s new reality dating show.

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CJ Franco has her work cut out for her sussing out hopeful romantics from dudes with dollar signs in their eyes on the paradisiacal set of HBO Max’s FBoy Island


The new reality dating series sees three women—Franco, Nakia Renee and Sarah Emig—sort through 24 men—12 “Nice Guys” and 12 “FBoys.” 

The trick for Franco and her female cohorts is to figure out who’s searching for a real relationship and who’s vying purely for the $100,000 grand prize. 

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The show’s format adds a welcome twist to the genre pioneered by The Bachelor, as the male contestants’ true intentions aren’t revealed until Franco, Renee or Emig eliminates them at a weekly ceremony. 

In between, there are one-on-one dates, intimate moments, lively challenges, roast-style ribbings from comedian/host Nikki Glaser, and an abundance of testosterone-fueled drama to keep all parties engaged.

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Of all of the cast members, Franco is easily the most famous face on FBoy Island. Over the course of her career in modeling, acting and comedy, she’s been featured in multiple magazines (Maxim.com included), starred on the YouTube web series Evil Little Brother, and amassed over 500,000 Instagram followers. 

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The same irreverent wit that makes Franco a standout on FBoy Island cuts through the interview below as she tells us how to make an “FBoy”, which body part to flaunt for IG Likes, and what behind-the-scenes shenanigan got her caught by producers:

According to People.com, you “have a history of taming FBoys.” What are your favorite taming techniques?

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“While the silent treatment is the most effective, it’s important to initially set good boundaries. If that doesn’t work, try sleeping with one of his friends or family members!”

FBoy Island features 24 male contestants and three women. Twelve men consider themselves “Nice Guys,” while the other 12 are self-proclaimed “FBoys.” What’s the best way to tell the difference?

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“Nice Guys genuinely are interested in you. They look for ways to add value to your life and constantly contribute to it without having expectations of sex.

“FBoys like to talk about themselves. They open up too quickly and usually come with a certain amount of drama that somehow bonds you closer together. If you can overcome him having another girlfriend, you can over come anything!:


“Professing his love for his mother is an obvious FBoy red flag. Loving your mom should be a given, but for the FBoy, Mom is the only female he’s on good terms with and of course they’re on good terms! The mom loves her FBoy son almost as much as he loves himself.”

Besides starring on FBoy Island, you’re also a successful content creator with more than a half million Instagram followers. What’s your surefire way to gain followers and likes on the ‘Gram?

“Ha, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again—butt pictures. That’s what people want to see, but if you’re overdoing squats and eating protein powder from the tub, there are better ways to gain followers. Videos and engaging content. Personally I love shooting and editing videos, and I’ve gone so far as to understudy a director and take film editing classes at UCLA.”


“Although vulnerability hasn’t always been my strong suit, being real and sharing your actual life—and even struggles—helps people get to know you on a deeper level. I think people are getting tired of watching manufactured “perfect” lives.”

What’s the most craziest behind-the-scenes tidbit about FBoy Island that HBO Max viewers wouldn’t know from watching the show?

“We broke out…a lot! The guys are very entertaining and when it would come time to go back to our beautiful villa, the girls and I would sometimes rebel and try to sneak back to hangout with the guys. We actually got caught once trying to climb out of the window from our dressing room! Honestly, I have the scars to prove it.”


Now that FBoy Island is wrapped, what’s next for CJ Franco?

“I have a bikini collection coming out with my friends at Haus of Pinklemonaid! HOPL styled me while I was filming and has been my favorite designer for sexy resort wear and bikinis for ages! I was thrilled when they reached out to create some hot new looks!”


FBoy Island is streaming now on HBO Max