How Fetty Wap Inspired a Young Child to Ditch His Prosthetic Eye

Just in case you need another reason to love the brilliant rapper.

You may know Fetty Wap as the insanely beloved rapper responsible for “Trap Queen,” the man whose debut album is coming out on September 25,  and the first person since the Beatles to have his first three singles skyrocket to the top of Billboards Hot 100 charts. What you probably didn’t know what that Fetty lost his left eye as a child as the result of glaucoma. He was fitted for an ocular prosthesis, but later in life decided to do without it.

One can imagine how uncomfortable spending life with a plastic ball in your eye socket would be, but also the sheer bravery of going without it As a result of his courage, Fetty’s inspired a young child named Jayden  to follow in his foot-steps.  According to a post by his mother Brenda on Facebook, Jayden had his eye removed just after his first birthday. While Jayden spent much of his childhood terrified to be seen without his prosthetic, Fetty’s stardom has given him “the confidence to be different.”

Here’s what Jayden’s mom said about it on her personal Facebook page

Fetty Wap heard about Jayden’s decision and responded:

“All I wanna do is show ppl that it’s not how you look or what you see it’s how you see it and what your looking for from yourself. I appreciate his confidence I appreciate you taking the time out for me and thank you for being a fan or me as a person and thank lil man for being a fan of Fetty Wap 100.”

Just more proof that music really can make a difference in young people’s lives.

Photos by Promo