This Insane Mashup Turns ‘Suicide Squad’ Into ‘Fifty Shades of Joker’

Admit it, you’d pay to see Margot Robbie in this movie.

For anyone who found Margot Robbie’s turn as the unhinged Harley Quinn in Suicide Squad an unsettling turn-on, this movie trailer mashup from Youtube’s Nerdy Hero will do the trick. It recuts footage featuring Robbie and Jared Leto’s Joker into a Fifty Shades Darker-like promo for the BDSM-flavored supervillain spin-off we never knew we needed, Fifty Shades of Joker

As Entertainment Weekly noted, Leto has hinted that footage left out of Squad might—were he to “die tomorrow” and prompt its release—make up a “Rated R or rated X performance.”

The trailer for Fifty Shades Darker received a record-breaking 114 million views in its first 24 hours online alone. In spite of mostly negative reviews, Suicide Squad was a box office hit. 

This mashup may hint at a missed opportunity for DC to really set itself apart from Marvel by doubling down on the supervillain hookups. 

We’re just saying—we’d watch it.

h/t EW