Fill Your Super Bowl With These Chefs’ Best Football Snacks

Marc Murphy, Anne Burrell, and more top chefs share their go-to game day snacks.

David Burke

“I like to make pizza dough the night before the game. Have all ingredients ready on the table and everyone can make their own. It’s almost like a pizza bar. Second favorite is fried chicken, shrimp coleslaw, and lots of toasted English muffins. And then maybe a dry aged beef kebab on hot dog rolls with chimichurri or melted beef fat.”

David Chang

(Photo: Gabriele Stabile)

“When I cook for a Super Bowl crowd, I like to put a twist on the classics. Everyone loves ribs and wings when watching the Big Game. Instead of pork, try lamb ribs. I like the way Chef Paul Carmichael at Má Pêche prepares them: glazed with mustard and Dr. Pepper, then sprinkled with cashews. With your wings, don’t go traditional buffalo, and cook up some jerk chicken wings instead.”

Josh Capon

“A cool taco bar like we are offering for delivery from El Toro Blanco this year or ‘make your own gyros’ was a big hit one year. We did sliced leg of lamb and pulled chicken with warm flatbreads, Tzatziki, and fixins’.”

Marc Vetri

“My son Maurice and I go work out together on Sunday mornings. He’s 7 years old. One day on the way home we passed this old-school hoagie shop and he asked to stop there. It’s now become a tradition for late Sunday football games to have a ‘football dinner,’ which means we eat hoagies in front of the TV while watching the game. The smile on Maurice’s face when we do this is ear-to-ear. So, for the Super Bowl, I’m going to make a kick-ass hoagie with shaved iceberg lettuce, onions, tomatoes, pickles, mayo, salt, pepper, mortadella, provolone, capicola, ham, and any other meat I can get my hands on. I’m going to find the best crusty baguette out there, and Maurice and I are going to go nuts!”

Michael Mina

“Use your home team’s city for inspiration and cook up dishes that spotlight your region’s fresh product. Living in San Francisco we are really lucky to have such awesome farmers markets and the freshest seafood. Football season and Dungeness crab season coincide, so I like to use it to make crab cakes served with a zesty sauce like piquillo pepper aioli. I’m looking forward to creating some great dishes that represent each opponent’s city at Michael Mina’s Tailgate at BOURBON STEAK & PUB next season.”

Anne Burrell

“I always love any type of game day food. I’m making a wide variety of stuff, but I’m always a fan of a big pot of meatballs and sauce!”

Marc Murphy

“Two words for you: Ditch Dogs. It’s homemade mac n’ cheese on an all-beef hot dog. We serve these at Ditch Plains and it’s the best combination ever. Once you’ve had one there really is no turning back. I also put a spin on regular deviled eggs by adding fried shrimp on top! It’s a great flavor combination!”