The 10 Sexiest Ladies of ‘Final Fantasy’, Ranked

Nerd boner alert.

After a solid decade of waiting, Final Fantasy XV has launched around the world and gamers are in for a serious treat. FFXV is touted as being “for fans and first-timers” alike, but it doesn’t matter when your love affair with Final Fantasy started—we can all appreciate the impressive cast of characters and the hyper-realistic way they’ve come to look in the games. In honor of the launch of the newest game in the legendary series, we look back at the finest ladies who put the fantasy in Final Fantasy.

1. Aranea Highwind

One of many women in the Final Fantasy series you shouldn’t trifle with, Aranea might be the sexiest enemy you’ll encounter in FFXV… which is also a good reason to want her on your team eventually, too. If she earned a nickname like The Dragoon from her airborne escapades, we can only imagine what they call her behind closed doors.

2. Iris

There are only two kinds of men in this world: Those who had a crush on one of their friends’ sisters and liars. Iris is the little sister of your tatted-up bodyguard, Gladiolus. She’s also a trusted friend of Noctis, FFXV’s main character. She also has a bit of a Tina Fey thing going on that we totally dig.

3. Cindy

Head mechanic at the Full Service Station in Hammerhead, Cindy is the only one we trust to make our wheels go round. Her can-do attitude makes her one of the most helpful side-characters in FFXV, and that is definitely what keeps us coming back to fill up at her station.

4. Lunafreya

Former-princess, oracle, future-queen and total dimepiece, Luna plays a central role in both FFXV and its companion Kingsglaive movie. The fact that she’s voiced by Lena Headey in that movie doesn’t hurt either, but we’ll always swoon for a girl who’s so elegant and royal she might eventually have her face printed on money.

5. Gentiana

We like Gentiana for a few reasons: She’s badass enough to look after the future-queen, she’s got two great dogs and, most importantly, she doesn’t seem to age. All signs point to wife-material here.

6. Ashelia

We’re suckers for damsels in distress, and that’s exactly what Ashe was… until she grew her powers, made some battle-worthy allies, wreaked havoc on her enemies and avenged her kingdom. (Not to mention the whole waif thing is working for her too.)

7. Terra Branford

We’re sorry that we couldn’t find an in-game image of Terra with her signature green hair, but you can definitely trace our teenage punk phase back to Terra, her hair and her story of having been raised to be a living weapon. Her unofficial title of being the first female protagonist in the Final Fantasy series makes her a trailblazer, and we respect that.

8. Lightning

Lightning is the uber-female of our dreams. She’s sexy and strong, a leader and a teammate. Square Enix even let us dress and pose her as a way of celebrating her sequel, Lightning Returns. We’ve spent so many hours with Lightning, our girlfriends should probably be upset that we’ll never be more emotionally attached to a woman than we are to Lightning. 

9. Serah Ferron

Lightning’s younger sister goes from being plot piece to main character to a muddy mix of the two, but that doesn’t stop her from earning a spot on this list. After all, anyone sharing genes with our beloved Lightning deserves a spot here.

10. Oerba Yun Fang 

There’s just something about the savagery of a tribal woman. If that tribal woman happens to also be tall, thin, sexy and deadly, all the better. Fang crops up in several Final Fantasy games, though she was only a playable character in her most recent appearance. That’s fine with us; we definitely don’t need to be controlling of a woman like Fang.