Finally, a Movie About Alabamans Hunting Wild Boars With Spears

‘Spearhunter’ tells the tale of an American who walks softly and carries a pointy stick.

Gene Morris was the greatest spearhunter in the world. We know this because Gene Morris said it many times and because he built a taxidermy-heavy museum in rural Alabama devoted to his exploits. Now, this megalomaniac with a stick is getting the post-mortem (he died on a hunting trip) chance to star in his own movie. If the trailer is any indication, Spearhunter, a documentary about Morris from the guys behind the excellent 2012 film Plimpton!, is a rollicking look at a subculture within the subculture of boar hunting and a man of outsized passions. The film is set to get mixed reviews from an offended audience when it debuts at SXSW, but we’re suckers for a compelling crazy person.