The First 5 Things We’d Do If We Woke Up in Ryan Reynolds’ Body

The Self/Less trailer got us thinking.

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The upcoming psychological thriller, Self/Less, is about an exorbitantly wealthy man (Sir Ben Kingsley) who learns he’s dying from cancer. He opts for a revolutionary life-saving treatment that involves transferring his consciousness into, well, Ryan Reynolds. Everything gets complicated after that, but – even so – we’d definitely sign up for that treatment. 

Suspending both out morality and disbelief for the moment, we were inspired to create a list of what we’d do if we suddenly woke up in Ryan Reynolds’ body.

1. First things first, we’d have sex with Blake Lively. Don’t judge us.

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2. While rolling around in post-coital bliss, we’d ask Blake a few questions about her lifestyle site, Preserve

3. We’d grow out our chest hair.

4. We’d learn advanced physics, build a time machine, and travel back to prevent Green Lantern from being made.

5. We’d switch bodies with Matthew McConaughey.