Bask in the Glory of the First Full-Length Trailer for Marvel’s Jessica Jones

It’s all blood, booze, and a serious BAMF.

After months of leaving us wondering who exactly Jessica Jones is, Netflix released the first full-length trailer for the new Marvel series, and it’s incredible. Set in the same model of Hell’s Kitchen as Daredevil, the preview shows just how dark and decrepit of a path we’re about to journey on, following the former superhero’s recovery after a rough encounter in her past. 

After a casual sit-down with Mike Colter’s Luke Cage (which will ultimately lead to an extremely sexual encounter, as alluded to at NYCC), it’s revealed that Jessica’s turmoil stems from an incident with mind-controlling Kilgrave, a man who seemingly abused her strength and forced her to kill a whole lot of people. Oh, and now he’s back for round two.

Cut to burning buildings, bullets flying, and a lot of MCU drama, and we’ve got ourselves a seriously intriguing new comic book series upon us. Start charging your computer now; Marvel’s Jessica Jones is set for a 13-episode release to Netflix on November 20th.

Photos by Netflix