First Look: “Batman: Arkham Knight.” Finally, We Get To Drive The Batmobile!

It’s Gotham like you’ve never seen it before – through a bat-shaped windshield.

The first time we played Batman: Arkham Asylum back in 2009, our hopes of being Gotham’s Caped Crusader were slightly dashed by the fact that the game limited us to just Arkham instead of all of Gotham, and never let us play with the full array of Batman’s wonderful toys. We are Batman! We are Gotham’s prince! We are the night! How dare they tell us we couldn’t visit Wayne Tower; that building has our Goddamn name on it! How dare they say we couldn’t drive the Batmobile, like there was someone else more deserving of driving a vehicle shaped like a bat?

Almost as if Warner Brothers actually read our (many, many) letters, the new Arkham Knight game has been announced today, and WBIE has confirmed that it will have the incredible graphics and epic story we’ve come to expect of the Arkham series but, this time, we’ll also be able to burn up the streets of a fully realized Gotham in a drivable Batmobile. Don’t believe us? See for yourself: