Watch the First Trailer For Henry Cavill’s ‘The Witcher’

The new Netflix series is ready to take us monster-hunting.


If there is a Game of Thrones—sized hole in your TV viewing habits, Netflix may have you covered with The Witcher, starring Henry “Superman” Cavill in a silvery-white wig. 

If the new trailer unveiled at San Diego Comic Con is any indication, it’s actually pretty intense.

Speaking at Comic Con, here is how Cavill explained the meaning of the title, which is also his character Geralt of Rivia’s profession:

“A Witcher is a young boy who has been left to fend for themselves and taken in by the group called Witchers and they are trained to levels of almost inhuman agility and endurance. And from there they become mutants, most of these children do not survive….after that they are trained in the art of monster hunting and travel the world hunting monster for coin, that is their one and sole purpose in the world,” Cavill said.

It’s all about elves and monster-hunting and there’s killer swordplay. Henry Cavill even gets to speak with his real accent. 

To solidify the Game of Thrones comparison, Witcher is also based on a series of fantasy novels by Polish author Andrezj Sapowski, which then inspired a series of video games. 

The show doesn’t have an official release date, but it’s likely to hit Netflix between October and December 2019.