Five Gins With Surprising Secret Ingredients

Like almond, orange, lime, cuke or licorice? Find out which gin you should be drinking!

Lime: Brooklyn Gin

While lots of distillers use dried or frozen citrus peels, founder Joe Santos buys fresh fruit and pulps and peels it himself. His light, slightly sweet gin is fruit-forward and has a nice long finish. Which is not as gay as it sounds!

Almond: Beefeater

This classic London dry gin (a style characterized by big juniper flavor and, surprise, dryness) has a floral nose but is mellow and extra-smooth. The more you drink, the more you want to make dirty jokes about its name.

Cucumber: Hendrick’s

Known as the gin for people who don’t like gin, Hendrick’s is infused with enough cucumber to dull gin’s natural bite and bring a bright, refreshing character to cocktails. Like being at a spa. That’s also a bar.

Bergamot Orange: No. 209

One of the few gins we’d drink on the rocks (try it with a squeeze of lemon or orange), this rich, spicy concoction from San Francisco is also perfect to mix with wintery spirits like rye. Dances on your tongue, just like herpes.

Licorice Root: Martin Miller’s

We detected vanilla and creaminess—correctly! Says Martin Miller himself: “The creaminess comes from the feel of the Icelandic water. Allied with licorice, it gives allusions to vanilla. Well spotted!” He’s English.