Five Reasons Shane Mosley May Upset Manny Pacquiao

Find out why Sugar Shane could take boxing’s biggest fight of the year. And join our exclusive Twitter Q&A with him today!

Find out why Sugar Shane could take boxing’s biggest fight of the year. And joinour exclusive Twitter Q&A with him on Friday!

1. He loves being the underdog.

In 2009, Sugar Shane entered the ring a 4 to 1 underdog versus then-WBA welterweight champ Antonio Margarito. Pundits predicted a bloodletting that would put Mosley into retirement. Instead, he took the bout by TKO in the ninth round.

2. Pacquiao’s style plays to his strengths.

Mosley is a fighter who likes to stand in and punch, not dance around the ring. After his trainers tell him that Pacquiao will keep coming at him during a recent episode of Showtime’s Fight Camp 360, which follows the fighters in the weeks before the bout, a Cheshire grin spreads across Mosley’s face. “I like a scrap.”

3. He’s never been knocked out.

Yes, he’s lost by decision, but to remain standing at the end of every fight over an 18-year career shows a toughness and stamina most fighters only dream of having. (Two out of Pacquiao’s three losses, by comparison, have been by KO.) In the boxing world Mosley is known as having “chin”—meaning he can absorb the most brutal hits and keep on kicking.

4. He put himself on the line to get this fight.

Mosley wanted the fight badly enough that, after approaching Pacquiao’s camp twice and being denied, he decided to form his own company, Sugar Shane Mosley Productions, to orchestrate the deal himself. Who would go to those lengths just to make an idiot of themselves for money? Besides American Idol contestants.

5. It will impress his girlfriend (pictured above).

Who wouldn’t want to do that?

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