Five Things We Learned From NFL Week 6

Aaron Rodgers is back, the Patriots are mediocre and the Seahawks are good?

Aaron Rodgers is back, the Patriots are mediocre and the Seahawks are good?

1 – Aaron Rodgers had the most single game TDs in Packers history

The previously undefeated Houston Texans went down to a six-pack worth of touchdowns courtesy of Aaron Rodgers. The Green Bay quarterback put up his first truly monstrous game of the season and in doing so announced that the Packers were far from dead this year. (And fantasy owners who drafted Aaron Rodgers as their number one pick can stave off suicide by brick to the face for at least a few more weeks.)

Photo: Scott Halleran / Getty Images | Licensed to Alpha Media Group 2012

2 – But The Bears Are Still In First Place

Thanks to a bye week, the Chicago Bears remain in first place in the NFC North with a record of 4-1. The newly resurgent Packers? Just 3-3 and holding down third place behind the Vikings. We’ll let this Google image search explain Jay Cutler’s and our feelings about this development, respectively.

3 – Robert Griffin III Might Not Know His Own Name But He’s Still Going Head-First

The Washington Redskins’ savior was knocked out of last week’s game with a concussion. And, according to some of Troy Aikman’s (a man no stranger to a head scramblin’!) ramblings during his telecast with Joe Buck, during post-concussion tests immediately after the hit, Griffin couldn’t remember the date or what game he was playing. But he suited up this week! And he pulled out this crazy run for 76 yards to cap off 34 unanswered points against the Minnesota Vikings. It was a run eerily reminiscent of a similar game-winning scramble against the Vikings by Michael Vick

4 – The Seahawks Have Beat Two Recent Super Bowl Champs

Both the Green Bay Packers and the New England Patriots have fallen to the upstarts from Seattle…even though their offense looks like they recruited most of their skill positions from a Home Depot parking lot. Seattle goes up against San Fran in this coming week’s Thursday night game (available on the NFL network to all seven people in Albuquerque), who — coming off a tough loss to the NY Giants — should prove a good test to the Seahawks permanence in the NFL’s elite. 

5 – DeAngelo Williams Has Garfield Pajamas

We know this because we religiously refresh his Facebook page.

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