The Flaming Lips Cover Bowie (Freakishly) on Fallon

The bizarro indie-rockers hit up Late Night, and insanity ensued.

The bizarro indie-rockers hit up Late Night, and insanity ensued. 

Few rock stars are willing to let their freak flag fly as wildly as the Flaming Lips’ Wayne Coyne, whether he’s performing while drenched in blood, wearing gargantuan hands, or encased in an enormous, translucent orb. So fans shouldn’t have been surprised to see the singer take the stage on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon while dressed as some-sort of half-naked, glowing jelly-fish man. The band, whose fifteenth album The Terror was released last month, are playing Brooklyn’s the Great Googa Mooga Festival tomorrow, and gave fans a sneak preview of what to expect. In addition to the insane stage set-up, there was a cut off The Terror:

And—stealing a page from astronaut Chris Hadfield’s playbook—a David Bowie cover:

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Sadly, it’s unlikely that Coyne will be playing Pictionary with Demi Lovato tomorrow. But we can hope:

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