Watch: Flavor Flav Is the World’s Worst Weatherman

Some (un)lucky folks in Salt Lake City saw him play meteorologist.

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When you think of Flavor Flav, many images might come to mind: oversized clocks, perhaps, or a sincere desire to find love on reality TV. What you probably don’t think of, though, is meteorology. 

But on Saturday, Utah residents were treated to just that. They got to see Flavor Flav play weatherman on Fox 13, telling citizens about the gorgeous weather they could anticipate this weekend. “The weather’s gonna be kind of good today, you know what I’m saying,” the Public Enemy rapper told viewers. Such a natural, right?

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His best line: “Now check this out, you this over here? Salt Lake City, you got 56 degrees, you know what I’m saying?” Flav didn’t have the best debut as a weatherman, mispronouncing Elko, Nevada as “Echo” a few times, but at least he was honest about his skill set: “I’m not really a weather person, I’m a rapper.”

But, Flav did try his best on the segment and also joined the Fox 13 team to help find a home for a dog named Patch.

Overall, though, it seems like Flav should stick to starring on reality shows and “rapping.”