Florida Panthers Show Some Team Spirit

What do you do when your goalie gives up a soft one? Well, you act like a supportive teammate and you try to murder him, of course.

It’s pretty common for NHL defensemen to take their frustrations out on their sticks. After a bad goal, they’ll slam them against goal posts or end boards in an effort to teach those little curved bastards not to disobey them ever again.

However, Florida Panthers d-man Keith Ballard must have felt that his stick really wasn’t to blame this time around, and decided to enact revenge on the real source of his frustration: His own goalie.

Watch as Ballard does Toshiro Mifune proud with this decapitation effort against Tomas Vokoun following an Ilya Kovalchuk tally.


OK, to be fair, Ballard just has really bad aim. Still, once they surgically re-attach Vokoun’s ear, we imagine that first locker room meet-up is going to be awwwwwwkward.