Floyd Mayweather Is Definitely Not Dating This Teenager, His Rep Says

Their relationship is strictly professional.

This is Raemarni Ball, a 19-year-old British singer who’s getting “romanced” by Floyd Mayweather, according to some reports. Don’t believe it! 

Ball and Mayweather are not dating. They’re business associates, according to the boxer’s representative, who told TMZ Sports that Mayweather is managing her music career. This is a professional relationship between a musician and a manager. Apparently he’s deciding between taking her solo or putting together a girl group. Sure, their creative process happens to include Mayweather taking off his shirt and donning a sun hat (above) and innocent nuzzling (below). Doesn’t mean they’re boning.


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Don’t read anything into these pictures. Money Mayweather is all about that paper. He’s making an investment in Ball’s future as a singer. 

It must be frustrating for Mayweather that people see him take a young talent under his wing and immediately think he’s only in it for sex. The man is trying to transition into his second career as a music manager and his interest in Ball is based entirely on her singing abilities and not her looks. Really!