Floyd Mayweather Lives a Better Life Than You, And We Have the Video to Prove It

Just another late night twerk fest with the man they call "Money."
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It’s tempting to begrudge Floyd Mayweather his success. He is, after all, a repugnant woman beater who's worked a grand total of 10 days in the past seven years.

On the other hand, there’s a reason the man’s so rich. Along with being a great, though terribly boring fighter, he’s a hell of a businessman. He didn’t inherit or luck into his gargantuan bank account; despite his many personal issues, he certainly earned it.

So he’s earned the right to spend his money on whatever nonsense he wants, be it wild nights at a strip club, crazy ass cars or all-night twerking parties where U.S. currency serves as confetti. That's what "Mr. My Life is the Sh*t" was doing early in the morning hours on Tuesday and we know this because he put a video of it on Twitter. Marvel at the excess below.