Watch the Foo Fighters Debut Their New Song ‘Arrows’ And a Bunch of Other Tunes Right Here

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Foo Fighters Dave Grohl
Photo: Getty Images

Foo Fighters fans, rejoice! 

An fan at the veteran rockers’ recent performance in Acropolis, Greece captured footage of Dave Grohl and co. performing a brand-new tune called “Arrows” from their forthcoming album, Concrete and Gold, and it sounds pretty awesome. 

Listen to the new song in the video above to see for yourself.

Fans have been craving new FF tracks ever since checking out the geriatric versions of Dave Grohl and company rock a retirement home to the ground in the video for their surprise single, “Run.” 

Fortunately, concertgoers at their European tour stops have diligently recorded four other live debuts of their new songs, all of which are all pretty decent. Watch them below: 

“The Sky Is a Neighborhood”

“Lah Di Da”

“Sunday Rain” 

“Dirty Water”

“Run “ 

Considering how good these songs sound recorded on smartphones, we can’t wait to hear the legit studio versions when Concrete and Gold drops on September 15. 

h/t: Diffuser