The Foo Fighters Brought a Guy Onstage to Play Drums On ‘Under Pressure’, And He Absolutely Crushed It

Good thing they caught this on video.

It’s hard to tell if moments like this are planned in advance or not. Given the Foo Fighters‘ and Dave Grohl‘s whole freewheeling air of not giving a damn, we’re pretty sure this was spontaneous. 

In the video above, a college sophomore named Pierce Edge got the kind of opportunity most young musicians only dream of. According to Grohl’s own intro, Edge had been holding up a sign all night begging the band to let him drum on their cover of “Under Pressure.”

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Whether it was out of intuition or a desire to mess with the young man’s head, Grohl finally decided, “screw it, why not?” And brought Edge on stage. 

Of course it could’ve been a total disaster. 

…So this happened… #foofighters @foofighters

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Instead, Edge, who attends the University of South Carolina, destroyed the song. He killed it at every change in tempo, playing like a total pro the whole time. It’s a pretty impressive moment, especially if you assume he had no idea if the band would ever even notice his sign in the first place. 

Don’t try this in your own town with your favorite band. Unless you really can totally nail it like a pro. Dave Grohl might even be cool with you screaming ” go Cocks!” in his mic then.

h/t Brobible