You Need to See the Cast of ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ Singing the ‘Star Wars’ Medley With Jimmy Fallon and the Roots

Star Warrrrrrs, nothing but Star Warrrrrrs.

In case you didn’t already presume, we are collectively smack dab in the center of full-blown Star Wars fever. The latest film in the franchise comes out this Friday, with orgasmically positive reviews already flooding in, and the totality of the world’s nerds are losing their minds. And this isn’t shit talk, it’s real talk. No one is immune to Star Wars, except maybe this person. We are all otherworldly loving nerds, and we stand in solidarity.

On the most recent episode of Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show, the cast of Force Awakens joined Jimmy Fallon and The Roots in a sing-a-long of a Star Wars medley to further ramp up the excitement for the movie’s official release. This rendition isn’t quite as good as Bill Murray‘s, but it gets pretty close. 

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