Four Movies We Would Rather Watch Than New Years Eve

We’d watch these flicks over New Year’s Eve any day. Take that, Garry Marshall!

We’d watch these flicks over New Year’s Eve any day. Take that, Garry Marshall!


Legendary producer Garry Marshall mixes sports and star power in his latest massive ensemble-cast film Super Bowl Party. What happens when football stars Eli Manning, Nick Mangold, Tom Brady, and Eli Manning have less than 24 hours to put together the perfect football-watching bash? Pure mayhem!… with a dash of sexiness thanks to cameos by Jenn Sterger, Traci Lynn Johnson, and 79 more. Garry Marshall, himself, says of Super Bowl Party, “The best thing to happen to spoits was footbawll, the best thing to happen to footbawll is the Supah Bowl, and the best thing to happen to the Supah Bowl is MY MOVIE!”


From executive producer Drew Barrymore comes an action-packed, laugh-out-loud tale of seven angry coaches and two hot sports reporters. Pat Summit, John Calipari, and Jim Calhoun put on a full-court press of laughter, sweat, tears, and screaming. This March: get Mad. “It’s pretty good, actually.” – In Touch


Irish eyes will be smiling while watching St. Patrick’s Day, starring Guiness, Baileys, Harp and Jameson! Add in Conan O’Brien and Warwick Davis and you’ll laugh so hard you’ll pass a Blarney Stone! Fresh Air’s Terry Gross said of St. Patrick’s Day, “This movie was so intoxicating I needed someone to drive me home.”


From the same people who brought you Super Bowl Party comes 4/20, a comedy full of family, friendship, mayhem, facial hair and smoke. The smokin’ all-star cast, includes Seth Rogen, Sarah Silverman, Miley Cyrus, plus a soundtrack by M.I.A. You’ll laugh! You’ll dance! You’ll cough! Check out what critics have been saying about 4/20: “It’s like Pineapple Express… with way more people!” –USA Today