This Sandwich Shop Offered Free Food to Liam Neeson, So Naturally He Showed Up To Collect

The star of ‘Taken’ knows a deal when he sees one.

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This is a story best told in photos, but of course some background is needed to fill in the blanks. Background: Vancouver, Canada is a hot spot for TV and movie studios needing urban settings. Liam Neeson, ass-kicker extraordinaire and star of killer action movies like the Taken franchise, has been filming his next film, Hard Powder, in Vancouver.

The crew running the Big Star Sandwich Shop heard Neeson was in town, so they went for a celebrity-friendly angle with their sidewalk slate. It’s not unusual for cafes to do this kind of thing, and they probably figured ‘why the hell not?’ 

The shop’s director of ops, Alex Johrden, told HuffPost that they “absolutely did not think ” the actor would show to take them up on the offer.

Then later in the day, one employee heard another say, “Holy shit!” and turned to see the star standing in the door. In classic “I have a particular set of skills” style, Neeson reportedly said, “Where’s my free sandwich?”

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It turns out Neeson was just in on the joke—he didn’t really have time for a sandwich. He did pose for that killer photo, however, and gave Big Star employees some pretty killer conversation starters for months to come. 

The shop has a sandwich called the Neeson, and it looks pretty tasty.

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Here’s hoping Liam Neeson starts building a Bill Murray-like rep for just showing up when his name is invoked, like some kind of mythical creature, always ready to order a damn sandwich in his growling Irish brogue. 

h/t HuffPost