Freedom! The Interview Is Being Released In Theaters

After taking heat from the president, Sony has relented and allowed some theater chains to show The Interview.

Under a week after Sony canceled the wide-release of The Interview, the company has reversed course, agreeing to release the film to a select number of theaters across the country. 

For James Franco and Seth Rogen fans (and fans of freedom in general), this is quite the victory after Sony canceled the release following a damaging hack that exposed internal emails that have deeply embarrassed the company. Following a direct threat by the hackers on the safety of theater-goers, Sony decided to cancel the film without asking the president (who would have liked to have been consulted).

Sony will be announcing the release plans later today, but consider The Interview the perfect date movie for the holiday season — action, suspense, hacking, possible international terror, an angry president, a shamed CEO, an enraged foreign leader — and that’s just been the lead-up. Imagine what joy awaits us now that we can actually see it!

If America loves this movie as much as James Franco loves Seth Rogen, then Sony should have something of a silver lining on this whole horrible experience. Right now only a few theaters have confirmed that they are showing the film, with the Alamo Drafthouse (which has locations in multiple states) and the Plaza Theater in Atlanta. Sony has said it is also possibly releasing the film on VOD on Christmas Day as well. 

Photos by Ed Araquel / Sony Pictures