Freerunning & Parkour Team 3RUN Provides Your Daily Dose Of Adrenaline

Our heads are still spinning.

Daredevil Scott Young recently made headlines thanks to a viral video that featured the athlete performing the most epic handstand of all time – atop a 40-story building ledge in Shanghai. 

After suppressing our nausea and regaining our equilibrium, we found that the world-class adrenaline junkie happens to be a member of the






, a UK organization that promotes the acrobatic, free movement art forms that became popular in the early 2000s. After spending an afternoon poring over their videos, we sat down with founding member Chase Armitage to hear more about the radical athletic group.

Consisting of 15 childhood friends – some of whom are also family members – 3RUN was founded by


at only 18 years old, after his recreational hobby started gaining a notable


. Ten years after making their debut, the team is gaining serious momentum with their intense acrobatic videos, side movie projects, and public variety shows.

“I wanted something to sum up this beautiful lifestyle that we were creating,”

Armitage told us

. “A company to represent the talent that we were creating together and a brand for people to recognize and relate to.” With a collection of 16 Guinness World Records –

 including the farthest wall flip over a moving car and the longest handstand dive – and after having left their mark on the jungles of Mexico, temples of Cambodia, and skyscrapers throughout Dubai, it seems safe to say that goal has been achieved.

Add to that an upcoming feature film set to begin shooting this month and a hosting gig for a scheduled freerunning festival this summer

, and the company is nowhere near stepping out of the limelight. “My goal is to really develop our brand into something


 and world recognized,” 


 muses. “But most importantly we will keep having fun doing what we love.”

Check out some of 3RUN’s videos below to really get your heart pumping. 

3RUN Media Showreel 2014

3RUN Explores New Zealand 2014

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