The Internet Is Melting Down Over This Controversial Ranking of French Fries

Are tater tots REALLY better than curly fries?

(Photo: Wikipedia)

The outrage of the Internet moves swiftly and mercilessly.

Case in point: a recent infographic involving French fries—the one thing you might have thought could unite us across our differences—is dividing the Internet faster than the 2016 Presidential Election did.

A Twitter user named @CriminelleLaw shared an arbitrary ranking of French fries, although it appears @CriminelleLaw did not actually create said list.

What’s more, the metrics for the ranking are entirely unknown. Was crispiness a factor? How about surface area-to-seasoning ratio? We need answers!

See the ranking above and, please, try not to throw your hands up in outrage as you see tater tots were actually ranked ahead of curly fries. I know!

The innocuous little French fry ranker has garnered over 20,000 likes, 11,000 retweets and 1,800 responses. Most of them are, at the nicest, downright irate.

Role up your sleeves. This one is getting messy.