Give It Up for the 81-Year-Old Grandmother Who Crushed a Beer Mile

“If it was scotch we were drinking instead of beer, I would have run a lot faster.”

Here’s a woman who can handle her booze.

A 81-year-old grandmother crushed the competition at the 2015 FloTrack Beer Mile World Championships in Austin, Texas. Zipping across the finish line like a bat out of hell, Elvira “Vera” Montes finished the race in just 20 minutes and 24 seconds, downing four lagers in the scurry.

Even better, Montes beat her 47-year-old daughter at her own game, crossing the finish line a full minute earlier. “My daughter Renee told me about. I told her I didn’t think I could do it but she encouraged me to,” the El Paso native told the El Paso Times. Montes even managed to emasculate her weak-kneed son-in-law, who was unable to finish the marathon.

For those of you unfamiliar with the arcana of speed drinking, beer miles marry good old-fashioned track and field with the alcoholic gymnastics of the frat house. Runners kick off the race by chugging a 12-ounce beer. After every quarter mile, participants must chug another, which adds up to an additional three times. They aren’t recommended for the elderly.  [Editor’s note:Only one has ever succesfully completed a beer mile, which is embarrasing]

However, the ordeal barely rattled the gray-haired beer-guzzler. “It was just like drinking water,” she told The Washington Post

As it turns out, she has had some practice. Montes is an avid runner who, reportedly, can finish a 5K with no trouble. As for her alcohol endurance, Montes isn’t actually much of a beer drinker. She prefers the hard stuff.

 “I’m really a scotch drinker, Chivas if it’s available,” She told the El Paso Times, “If it was scotch we were drinking instead of beer, I would have run a lot faster.”

Give it up to the oldest finisher of the 2015 FloTrack Beer Mile World Championships. We know she’d kill that scotch mile if she got the chance. 

Photos by @WomensRunning on Twitter