The “Full House” Guys Come To The Rescue On “Late Night”

Danny Tanner for president!

The famous ’90s pencil bed and Mr. Woodchuck from Full House were back in full force last night, as Danny Tanner, Joey Gladstone, and Jesse Katsopolis appeared on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon to offer the outgoing host some fatherly/uncle-ly advice, pepping him up for The Tonight Show. We also got to see Uncle Joey’s terrible Jay Leno impression and Uncle Jesse’s Leno diss. Check it out:

Fortunately (or unfortunately?), you’ll be seeing more of the

Full House

men this week. The guys are promoting their Dannon Oikos commercial for the Big Game on Sunday. Check out the teaser below.

Who knew yogurt was so brotherly? And more importantly, whenwill we get to see more of that babe Aunt Becky!?

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