Fun Super Bowl Facts

Hut, hut, trivia!

Get bowled over by these pieces of Super Bowl trivia!

1. $8.2 Billion

The estimated net amount wagered worldwide on the Super Bowl in 2010.

2. $550,000

The initial FCC fine, recently overturned, to CBS for Janet Jackson’s nipple-escape trick.

3. Beer money

The average cost of a draft beer at NFL games is $7.13. That’s 22.7 percent more than the average cost at baseball games. Most expensive city: St. Louis ($9)

Least expensive city: Cleveland ($5)

4. 1:53.7

The amount of time it took Christina Aguilera to (incorrectly) sing “The Star-Spangled Banner” last year. An over/under prop bet for was set at 1:54, but because of the flubbed lyrics, the site was forced to pay out both sides for the first time in history.

5.  7,000,000

Estimated number of U.S. employees who don’t show up for work the Monday after the Super Bowl.

6.  It’s a toss-up

The NFC team has won the coin toss for 14 consecutive Super Bowls.

7. The rich get richer!

Pro golfer Phil Mickelson bet $20,000 on the Baltimore Ravens to win the 2001 Super Bowl. The odds were 28-1. The Ravens annihilated the Giants, 34-7. The payout was $560,000.

8. $40,000

The price of a 30-second commercial during the first Super Bowl in 1967. $3,500,000 is the price of a 30-second commercial during this year’s Super Bowl.

9. 14

Number of seconds that elapsed in the game before Devin Hester scored a touchdown for the Chicago Bears during the 2006 Super Bowl. It is the fastest score from the start of a Super Bowl game—but the Bears still lost.

10.  Say cheese

Papa John’s prepared for last year’s Super Bowl by stocking its shops with a total of: 2,000,000 pounds of cheese, 350,000 pounds of pepperoni.