Fuse TV Girls

Marianela and Juliya are hosts on Fuse TV.

Where you’ve seen them:
Argentinean-born Marianela is the perky hostess of Fuse TV’s Daily Download, and Ukrainian-born Juliya is the hardcore hostess of Fuse TV’s metalfest Uranium.

Bladder Busta:
“Once Busta Rhymes and I had to go to the bathroom at the same time, and there’s only one toilet near the stage. We both ran for it, and he beat me. So I had to hold it in for the whole next segment. I thought I was gonna pee myself!”—Marianela

Goth princess:
“I’m totally feminine and girly, but in a dark, black lace kind of way.”—Juliya

Repeat offenders:
“The fans really control the [Daily Download] show. But the downside is you have to watch the same video a hundred times.”—Marianela