Jim Gaffigan Gives Impassioned Defense of Nickelback on ‘Conan’

Watch the comedian boldly stand up for the most hated rock band on the planet.

Hating Nickelback has been a cliche’ for so long now, it’s about time someone had the balls to defend the much-maligned Canadian band. Enter Jim Gaffigan, who stood up for the ridiculed rockers on Conan after they did a cameo on The Jim Gaffigan Show .

“I don’t know anything about Nickelback, but I know my friends that are super cool despise Nickelback,” Gaffigan said. “Like they kidnapped the Lindbergh baby. They’re playing music. If you don’t like it, turn it off.”

Gaffigan even compared Nickelback to Carrot Top, the veteran prop comic who has become something of a tired punchline himself. 

“I think it’s just that people define themselves by criticizing other things, and I think that’s wrong,” Gaffigan said.

This doesn’t mean you have to stop hating Nickelback—just don’t try to get Gaffigan in on the joke. 

Watch the clip above for Gaffigan’s whole rant. 

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