Gal Gadot Tweeted a Pic of Her Look in ‘Wonder Woman 1984’ and She’s Hotter Than Ever

This is our kind of superhero.

wonder woman
Warner Bros.

Early Saturday morning Gal Gadot tweeted a pic of her new costume for Wonder Woman 1984, and let’s just say it suggests we’ve definitely got something to look forward to. 

Are there any big differences between this and her look for Wonder Woman? 

Warner Bros.

It’s hard to tell, save that there’s something kind of 80’s in the way the colors pop in the newer get-up. The arm band and tiara (head band? Forehead arrow thingy?) appear basically the same.

Who knows, really. We’re fine with another chance to say, ‘hey look, it’s Gal Gadot.’ Because look at Gal Gadot

This is the third tease for the sequel in a few weeks.

Warner Brothers

The image above, Diana Prince gazing at a bank of monitors filled with images from 80’s television, was posted a few days ago, as was the following shot of Wonder Woman love interest Steve Trevor (Chris Pine) who apparently came back from the dead to walk around shopping malls in Members Only jackets. 

Warner Brothers

Kristen Wiig plays the villain in Wonder Woman 1984 which will be kind of crazy. Let’s hope it’s not like casting Bill Murray as Lex Luthor. 

Wait a second. Bill Murray would be an amazing Lex Luthor, so Wiig may well be perfect in the role.

We’ll know when Wonder Woman 1984 premieres Nov. 1, 2019.