Meet the Gutsy Pro Gambler Who Won $240,000 Betting on Holly Holm

The Vegas gambler beat the odds again just weeks after winning $2.5 million on the Royals.

Pro gambler Dave Oancea, who won nearly $2.5 million betting on the World Series, is $240,000 richer after wagering that newly-minted UFC queen Holly Holm would upset heavy favorite Ronda Rousey at UFC 193 on Saturday night.

Oancea bet $20,000 on a 11:1 line for Holm to win, after the odds had already plummeted from 20:1, and raked in nearly a quarter-million bucks for his trouble, reports MMA Junkie.

“I knew Holly could stand up with her and outbox her,” Oancea tells Maxim. “I knew she was strong enough to take Ronda’s takedown game away. Ronda never lasts more than a round, and Holly’s cardio was superior. If it lasted more than a round, I had a great shot. Anything can happen in sports.”

A photo posted by Vegas Dave (@itsvegasdave) on Nov 14, 2015 at 9:52pm PST

The blockbuster win comes not long after he won $2,457,000 betting that the Royals would win the World Series. And Oancea wasn’t the only ballsy gambler who made a killing at UFC 193.

Jay Kornegay, vice president of the Westgate Las Vegas Superbook, told USA Todaythat Rousey’s shocking loss to Holm on Saturday night topped the handle for an average NFL game and bested numbers for any prior Rousey fight. 

“The results around town were not good,’’ Kornegay said, referring to the Vegas sports books. “Most books got crushed as typical underdog betting was popular.’’

Hey, who says being a gambler doesn’t pay off sometimes? From the looks of Oancea’s Instagram feed, his gutsy bets are certainly paying off:

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