‘Game of Thrones’ Just Finished the Longest Battle Shoot in Show History

Season 8 can’t get here soon enough.

Battline in GoT
(Photo: HBO)

Game of Thrones: Come for the massive battle scenes, stay for the sex scenes. or the other way around. Or both. If you like battles, though, it sounds like Season 8 has a corker in store. 

Watchers on The Wall reports that GoT assistant director Jonathan Quinlan recently posted a pic of a thank you card to the show’s cast and crew.  

From Quinlan's Insta
Jonathan Quinlan’s Instagram (Original deleted)

The card was probably way too revealing, and Quinlan deleted his Insta post. It said, “This is for the Night Dragons, For enduring 55 straight nights. For enduring the cold, the snow, the rain, the mud, the sheep shit of Toome and the winds of Magheramorne.”

And here’s the most tell-tale part: “When tens of millions of people around the world watch this episode a year from now, they won’t know how hard you worked.”

Game of Thrones
Come at me bro

The note continued on to say that the audience won’t care about all the effort, it will “just understand that they’re watching something that’s never been done before. And that’s because of you.”

It was from “The Producer types.”

This kind of thing obviously has Thrones fans thinking, “WHAT THE HELL?” Fifty-five days is a hell of a long time to do anything. But no one really knows.

We’ll just have to find out at some point in 2019.