UPDATE: George R.R. Martin Says a Game of Thrones Movie Is Not Actually Happening

This is worse than the Red Wedding.

Earlier, we reported that a Game of Thrones movie in the works, based on a quote from George R.R. Martin that was featured in a Daily Star article.

However, the author himself recently confirmed that the quote, supposedly heard at an Emmys after party, was entirely fabricated.

A fan commented on his LiveJournal, asking “Is the interview of you, saying that there is going to be a movie on work about ROBERT’S REBELLION false? [sic]” Martin replied “Yes, completely false. No one is working on any movie just now. And if there were a movie, it would not be about Robert’s Rebellion.”

Maxim regrets the error and has included the update in the original post.

Photos by C Flanigan / Getty Images