‘Game of Thrones’ Season 8: New Photos Prove it’s Getting Grim at Winterfell

Winter is almost here.

As of April 1, Game of Thrones fans will have just two weeks to wait until the premiere of the HBO drama’s eighth and final season. Pay attention, and it’s easy to see just how excited the network and the show’s fans are to finally get on with it. To that end, HBO has been releasing a ton of photos—see the gallery above—in addition to some teasers and one solid trailer. 

The gallery images demonstrate that while GoT has never been a lighthearted show, it’s obvious the screws are tightening and things are getting more intense than ever.

The pay cable giant hasn’t just been tweaking Thrones fans with video and photos. They’ve also set up a fan quest for Iron Thrones around the world (including Queens) and joined with advertisers like Mountain Dew for other promotions, like a soda can inscribed with the names on Arya Stark‘s enemies list in disappearing ink.

One thing seems sure, given the show’s legendary resistance to leaks and spoilers: We won’t really know what’s up until Season 8 begins in earnest on April 14.