Someone Left a Rogue Coffee Cup in a ‘Game of Thrones’ Scene, And Fans Are Losing It

Coffee is coming.

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(Photo: HBO)

(Photo: HBO)

It looks like a new coffee shop just opened up in Westeros, because the latest episode of Game of Thrones titled “The Last of the Starks” featured a cameo appearance from a white coffee cup (presumed by many fans to be Starbucks) just sitting there on a table in front of Daenerys.

Considering the show takes place in fictional medieval times, this blunder is absolutely hilarious. 

The lone cup made its grand acting debut at around the 17:50 minute mark of the eighth season’s fourth episode when everyone was drinking wine from goblets and horns, but someone was enjoying a hot caffeinated beverage — probably to warm up after fighting all of those White Walkers.

People of the Twitterverse obviously thought this was the greatest thing that’s ever happened and took to the platform to air out their thoughts (and memes).

But a similar blunder actually happened before. Take a peek at Jaime’s hand:

No matter if this was some hilariously strategic product placement or an actual epic fail, it’s pretty amazing to think that nobody spotted the rogue cup and it ended up in a final scene.