Watch: Get Up to Speed for ‘Game of Thrones’ Season 6 in Just 3 Minutes

If you have to watch this a few times, we won’t blame you.

After five grueling seasons and months of Jon Snow-related teases, even the most die-hard fans of Game of Thrones may not remember exactly what’s going on in HBO’s hit series . There are way too many characters, all of their names sound the same, and then once you finally begin to root for one of them, they get their dick chopped off. 

To help you out of that foggy morass of blood, sweat, and dragon shit, here’s a 3-minute recap video to remind you of what’s going on in Westeros ahead of the season 6 premiere that, among other things, Jon Snow is indeed dead. Well, probably.

After the longest 10-month waiting period of your life, you’re going to need this. 

h/t i09