Game of Thrones is Better When You Know What the Hell is Happening

Behold, your personal tour guide to King’s Landing.

Behold, your personal tour guide to King’s Landing.

Outside of the larping community, you’d be hard-pressed to find a bunch of people more excited for this Sunday’s Game of Thrones season premiere than us. We’ve watched every minute of the HBO show and read every page of George R. R. Martin’s original books. But, when you can’t get the thought of Queen Cersei mud-wrestling Daenerys out of your head, it’s hard to keep track of the huge cast of characters scattered all over the fictional land of Westeros.

If you suffer from the same daydreams as us, you might prefer to watch the season three premiere on your Xbox360 via HBO Go. We’re not just saying that because we hate cable boxes either (although a cable box did run over our dog, but that’s neither here nor there). Using Xbox’s smartglass app you can watch GoT on HBO Go and get supplementary info about the characters, an interactive map, cast commentary, and other goodies piped directly to your second screen. Who knows, there might even be a deleted mud-wrestling scene in there that you never would’ve known about otherwise. Fingers crossed.

You could still watch it on your cable box but, take it from us, hide your dog first.

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