The “Game of Thrones” Death and Sex Counter: Episode 504, “Sons of the Harpy”

Every week, we’ll be recapping who had sex and who died on the last episode of “Game of Thrones.” Spoiler alert: This article consists entirely of spoilers.

Finally, almost at the halfway mark of the season, “Game of Thrones” upped the ante and became the bloodbath we all know and love. (And we finally got screen time with the Sand Snakes, the best girl gang in town.) 

Deaths: 45

1. Jamie and sell sword Bronn are sneaking around Dorne when they come across a few locals on horseback. They didn’t exactly come to the sandy lands in peace, so Bronn takes out three guys (and a horse), while Jamie manages to cut down the slowest of the bunch. Sidenote: I would totally watch a spinoff buddy comedy starring Jamie and Bronn.

2. A group of Sons of the Harpy attack Daenerys’ crew, but the Unsullied managed to hold them back, slaying dozens in the process. That’s not to say they don’t lose a few Unsullied of their own, and whether or not Grey Worm and Barristan Selmy survived the onslaught is still TBD. We’re pulling for them though. 

(Total Deaths This Season: 54)

Sex: 1

1. In Westeros, pleasure and pain often come hand-in-hand. Cersei is scheming to keep her power in King’s Landing, and part of her strategy involves arming the High Sparrow’s militant religious group. So while a very nice prostitute is riding a client reverse cowgirl, the brothel part is broken up by the High Sparrow’s gang. They especially target homosexuals—like Margaery’s brother Sir Loris. This does not fly with the new Queen, so it’s time for Cersei to watch her back.  (Total Sex Acts This Season: 2)