“Game of Thrones” Gets the “Bad Lip-Reading” Treatment; 6 More Mashup Suggestions

“Medieval Land Fun-Time” is just the beginning.

The gang over at Bad Lip Reading had tackled the NFL,The Hunger Games, Walking Dead and now, in a comedic tour de force, Game of Thrones. We have no real idea how long it takes them, or who they employ (the deaf? The deaf?!?), but we can all agree that they’re providing a service we didn’t know we needed. Game of Thrones  meets Adventureland meets Role Models meets Medieval Times? Count us in!

Dig if you will the notion of “Eddie” Stark as a put-upon amusement park manager forced to deal with drunken “Bobby B” Baratheon, bratty “Jojo” Baratheon, gangsta “Terry” Lannister, sexy “Denise” Targaryen, and a host of other cliched comedic characters. Just don’t call it a Renaissance fair.

All this begs the question: what should “Bad Lip Reading” go for next? Below, some suggestions:

Charlie Bit My Finger” as a George A. Romero zombie flick. It really hurts!

The Captain Phillips movie trailer as a Carnival Cruise Lines commercial. (And, really, Carnival cruisessound a lot more terrifying than Somali pirates.)

American Horror Story: Asylumas a comedy about a private school where hijinks ensue. It would be as if Cruel Intentions, Gossip Girl, and Dead Poets Society  got the Ryan Murphy treatment. (This actually may be inevitable.)

Orange is the New Blackas a lesbian love story set in rehab. (This will be shown late-night on Cinemax.)

Brooklyn Nine-Nineas a gritty Michael Mann-esque cop flick. We can’t wait until good cop Andy Samberg and evil Jimmy Fallon FINALLY share the screen together. In a diner, of course. You lookin’ at me? Hoo-wa!

Family Feud as a French art house movie. Look out for the lost scene featuring Richard Dawson and a stick of butter.NSFW!