The “Game of Thrones” Meets “Too Many Cooks” Parody Is Spot-on

Sing it with us now: Too many kings, too many kings.

When “Too Many Cooks”—the bizarre Adult Swim sketch about a sitcom opening sequence gone darkly awry—hit the internet last year, it was a viral sensation sure to spawn parodies on parodies. And spawn them it did—and some were absolutely terrible.

So a tip of the hat to young Alex Cohen, whose “Too Many Kings” parody is both spot-on and enjoyable. “Game of Thrones” truly is the most appropriate cultural relic to be placed in the “Too Many Cooks” Vessel: it’s got a fuck ton of characters and an absurd amount of bloodshed. As for whether the parody or the original is gorier—we’ll let you decide. (And yes, of course there are spoilers.)