A Car Crashed Into This Guy’s House As He Played ‘Fallout 4’

The wasteland comes to one man’s apartment.

Picture this: You’re home alone totally engrossed in Fallout 4. You’ve got your snacks, you’re comfy, and nothing’s going to move you from your chair (or couch, whatever.) Suddenly, a Hyundai Sonata barrels through a wall of your home, fracturing your vertebra and slicing your Achilles tendon.

That’s what happened to one very unlucky gamer by the name of Ben Rose. According to the police, the intrepid Sonata driver may have meant to hit the brakes but went for the accelerator instead, causing the accident and injuring Rose. He says his “gaming chair” is what saved his life, and that’s why he was able to escape being injured further.

Rose’s friend started a GoFundMe campaign that has already raised $11,080 out of a $10,000 donation request out of Irving, TX to get him back on his feet and resolve the damages caused by the car crash. It’s a freak accident to be sure, but at least this guy’s fellow gaming friends came to his rescue. He’ll soon be able to get out of his own personal Fallout wasteland and into a more comfortable lifestyle in the future if all goes well.