The 10 Most Hardcore Tattoos in Video Game History, Ranked

The best in digital ink.

As we played through the brand-new Sony exclusive, The Last Guardian, the hours spent with the inked-up main character got us thinking about digital tattoos. Tats are a common site on some of the biggest personalities in all of video games, so we assembled this list of the most hardcore tattoos we’ve come across.

Can you take the pain?

1. The Boy – The Last Guardian

The unnamed main character of the brand new The Last Guardian is rocking full body tribal tats that are as mysterious as his own backstory. It’s been a long time since we woke up with mystery tattoos but we know that feel.

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2. Faith – Mirror’s Edge

The parkour maven of the Mirror’s Edge series is riddled with some sexy techno tattoos that are as iconic of her character as her rooftop leaping. You know it’s true because no Faith cosplayer is complete without the eye-star and full sleeve that sets Faith apart in this list.

3. Kratos – God of War

Our favorite mythological spartan’s hulking frame and god-killing adventures make him a certified badass, but his huge head face and chest tattoos go a long way to make sure everyone knows about his inordinate level of badassery from just a glance.

4. Edward Kenway – Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag

It’s a pirate’s life for Edward Kenway and, just as much as that means swashbuckling and adventure on the high seas, it also means obligatory tattoos like the jolly roger and a pirate ship plastered across is body.

5. Agent 47 – Hitman

Probably the most discreet tattoo on this list is also the most functional since Agent 47’s back-of-neck barcode is an identifier among his fellow assassins and a signal not to fuck with him. Good luck getting close enough to scan that one.

6. Wei Shen – Sleeping Dogs

You can’t be an undercover agent infiltrating the triad without the ink to lend you credibility. Wei’s tats are as intense as the action in Sleeping Dogs, which we plan on revisiting now that it’s a free giveaway game on Xbox Live this month.

7. Ferril – Bloodrayne

Rayne’s half-sister has tattoos that would make Rorschach jealous. The cat-like supernatural hottie’s shifting tattoos are unique to this list and unique in the game and makes her a total babe… even if she is a bloodsucker.

8. Jack – Mass Effect

Technically a human biotic, Jack is one of our favorite love interests for Shepherd. Coincidentally, she’s also one of the most dangerous characters in the Mass Effect universe, requiring cryogenic freezing after being caught instead of a simple jail cell. Like others on this list, Jack’s tattoos were given in childhood and remain mysterious in both their meaning and how much of her they cover.

9. You – GTAV

One of our favorite pastimes in GTAV is taking our own personal character to the many tattoo shops and dropping thousands on ink. When you can choose to have a hot body like ours, you better have a good reason not to tat it up to the max.

10. Sheva Alomar – Resident Evil 5

Although she’s an orphan-turned-guerilla, Sheva somehow only has the one tattoo on her upper arm. Presumably, she has many, many more scars to go along with her single tattoo, since a lifetime of fighting both the government and zombie outbreaks tend to yield that kind of result.