Geno Smith, Now Starring in “Butt Fumble: The Sequel”

The Jets rookie QB stakes his claim to Mark Sanchez’s legendary fail.

When erstwhile Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez fumbled the football after running headlong into his teammates posterior last year, football fans were gifted (and GIF-ted) with one of most indelibly inept and embarrassing plays in memory. Now, with Sanchez injured on the Jets sideline, starting QB Geno Smith decided to put his own spin on the play. With the Jets trailing 25-7, Titans tackle Karl Krug came rumbling towards Smith, who tries, I dunno, to hand it off? To himself? Behind his back? Or something like that. The maneuver might have worked had Smith’s ass not gotten in the way, causing him to fumble the ball, and leading to a Titans touchdown. Tennessee would go on to win 38-13.

So, was it as bad as Sanchez’s original? Sequels seldom are, but it was sill pretty damn entertaining. Unless of course, you’re a Jets fan.