George Bush Sr. Celebrates His 90th Birthday By Skydiving

The former president shows you can kick ass at any age.

Yesterday former president George Bush Sr. put other 90-year-olds to shame when he decided to jump out of a plane to celebrate his birthday.

While he’s far from a first timer – he’s done the same for his 75th, 80th, and 85th birthdays – this time around he was strapped to a former Army skydiver who has recorded 10,000 jumps in his lifetime. Nevertheless, Bush couldn’t quite stick the landing, wiping out on the well-manicured lawn of the St. Ann’s Episcopal Church near his family’s compound at Walker’s Point. However, he quickly recovered and was escorted to his wheelchair. 

Props to the former president for doing at 90 what most people would be afraid to do at any age. And happy belated birthday!

Photos by Carl D. Walsh / Getty Images