Watch the Freaky First Trailer for the Stephen King Netflix Thriller ‘Gerald’s Game’

This might be his wildest movie yet.

The trailer for the new Stephen King Netflix thriller Gerald’s Game is here, and it makes IT look like child’s play. 

The freaky fever dream of a movie centers on a woman who is left handcuffed to her bed after engaging in some bondage sex with her husband. 

In a twist that is sure to be every dominatrix’s nightmare, her husband has a heart attack and dies, and she’s left with no way to phone, water or chance for escape.

Director Mike Flanagan (Ouija: Origin of Evil) then lays on the psychological torment as the woman grapples with her personal demons and as time runs out.

“The horror of it is borne out of repressed trauma and it’s set against this immediate survival story,” Flannagan told Thrillist

“But there are no distractions. There are no other humans in this room. The threats aren’t a monster coming around the corner or a ghost crawling down the stairs. The threat is time.”

Gerald’s Game, which is based on a 1992 book of the same name, premieres on Netflix on Sept. 29.